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Create quickly voxel models for prototyping using simple 2D textures painted directly on the Unity Inspector. Generated voxels support animations and colliders via scripts in the package.

Voxels also can be procedural generated in bulks, creating thousands of new voxel models using only a single 2D Texture that create rules for its generation.

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Simple Mesh Distortion: Animated GPU deformations

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Create animated deformations using GPU or CPU in any of your mesh. No need to change the shader!

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Dungeon Crawler - Starter Kit

This Kit have all you need to start your own dungeon crawler game

This project feature common dungeon crawler elements found in most games, such as:
- Random dungeon generator
- Status and level system
- Inventory
- Auto level creator
- Mobs and traps
- Items and boss
- Multiple weapons

Try out the demo.

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[Free] Draw 2D Shapes

Create shapes in the Unity Editor with a few clicks.
You can create shapes and colliders on the spot using a single script and the mouse.

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